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Gallery - Terms of Use

The images and movie link within the "gallery" section of the website may be downloaded and posted on personal sites; however, they may not be altered or modified in any way, including being resized, and they should be accompanied by a clearly visible web link to boxedmayhem.com in close proximity to any posted content from the "gallery". All downloaded images and movies remain the property of Boxed Mayhem, LLC. Boxed Mayhem, LLC retains the copyright and ownership of any images and movies downloaded from this site, as well as any subsequent reposting or copying of these downloaded images and movies on to additional sites - in whatever form that may take. Even though Boxed Mayhem, LLC grants permission for some conditional use of the "gallery" images and movie links, it does however reserve the right to revoke permission to use these images and movie link and the legal right to issue takedown notices and otherwise defend its copyright and ownership for any of its copyrighted "gallery" images and/or movies. These rights will be exercised at Boxed Mayhem, LLC's discretion. This only applies to the images and movie link within the "gallery" section of the website. For all other content on this website please see the section below "Other Website Content - terms of use".

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Content that is not part of the "gallery" are excluded from any form of use, and you may not use, copy, reproduce, post, upload, transmit, republish, distribute, or modify any of the content on this site in any way - any materials on this web site that are not part of the "gallery" without Boxed Mayhem, LLC's prior written consent.

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