Against the Cosmos

12 Levels of Retro 3D Sci-Fi Space Shooter Action.

Battle against twenty different types of alien spacecraft. Adjust your ship’s power to boost power to the shields or the engines or launch torpedoes and seeker missiles. As you progress through the missions you unlock random patrols for even more gameplay.

No freemium nonsense. You start out with access to all your ship’s capabilities which you master as you progress through ever tougher opponents. You’ll encounter a wide variety of enemies, some of whom will. in addition to blasters or beam weapons, have stealth, cloaking, energy absorption or anti matter field technology at their disposal. You’ll careen around desolate moons and ringed gas giants, dodge asteroids and comets drifting by, and listen to strangely poetic alien warnings as you hyper warp jump between star systems.

Recommended for newer phones with large screens. For testing mainly I used a note4 (2.7 GHz processor, 3GB ram, 5.7 inch diagonal display, you DO NOT need a pen stylus for this game). The cheapest phone I tested it on was a LTE Leon (1.3 GHz processor, 1GB ram, 4.5 inch diagonal display) - it worked, I played all the way through the game, but it was definitely a little more challenging to do so on the smaller less able screen. So I recommend it for a phone with a bit more processor and a bit larger screen than the Leon.

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